Meeting point


8:00 am

We'll meet 8:00 am at Sol Dorado Hotel just by Mexico Divers dive shop front where we will have time to prepare for the trip, prepare cameras and give you a briefing talking about how to aproach the shark, shark biology and everything you need to know to bring the best out of your day.



9:00 am 

You'll be boarding on a official whale shark tour boat specifically made to meet the tourism goverment standards equiped with twin eco outboard engines, bathroom, gps, compass, VHF Radio and shade for your safety and the whale sharks.



9:30 am

On the way to the Whale Shark Area we may encounter dolphins, mantas or turtles that wander trough the vast ocean so the captain may stop to enjoy this magnificient animals and your guide will slowly dose a bit of knowledge from time to time bringing you quality to your trip  



10:00 am

And so after a 50 min boat ride groups of  

40 feet long Whale sharks will be spotted by our crew!

Whale shark encounter


10:20 am

Let no time to waste and get your mask, fins and camera ready because YOU are going in the ocean with them my friend! and they are not alone sometimes there is even huge manta rays swimming nearby as they also feed on plankton and fish eggs.

Lunch time!


12:20 pm

 so you did it! and realized they swim way faster than you...after all the swimming and the awesomeness you will be hungry so thats why we will have ready for you tropical fruits, sandwiches, water and sodas.

Playa Norte


1:00 pm

On our way back we will stop at Playa norte famous beach to enjoy the rest of the trip while swimming on  turquoise shallow waters where we will introduce you to "Ceviche" a traditional dish from the region, here is where you can pop a beer or two :) 

Back to the Marina


2:00 pm

We'll be heading back to the marina and hopefully we achieved our goal of creating a better relationship between you and nature  building conscience and hoping that in the future we all keep supporting conservation initiatives protecting marine life around the globe.